Find You When I'm On My Knees

I don't know where you are right now, but lately I've been in the fetal position (at least in my mind) a whole lot.  I've been shrouded in anxiety and worry.  This life can bring so much at once and it can feel like a thousand pounds on my shoulders.  Sometimes the overwhelm is so great I want to go swimming and never return. 
I cried out to the Lord in my great trouble, and He answered me.  I called to you from the land of the dead, oh Lord, and you heard me!  You threw me into the ocean depths, and I sank down to the heart of the sea.  The mighty waters engulfed me; I was buried beneath your wild and stormy waves.  Then I said, 'O Lord, you have driven me from your presence.  Yet I will look once more toward your holy Temple.'
As my life was slipping away, I remembered the Lord. 
Jonah 2:2-4, 7
I love the story of Jonah.  I love the thought of being curled up in the belly of a whale, not realizing I've already been rescued.  I've already  been saved.  That is where I remain most days.  Full of anxiety, not knowing the storm has been calmed and the Lord is just waiting.   Waiting for me to call on His name.  Waiting for me to be brought out of my holding.  Waiting for me to return to my purpose.  Waiting to complete my joy.  
I don't know where you are at this moment, but I do know the best place to be is on your knees.  A simple call on the name of Jesus is a life saving thing.  He is willing and able to rescue you from every single thing.  Our God does not discriminate.  He does not see you as your sin.  
He never stops loving us.  Never stops waiting for our return, and He is the only One we truly answer to.  

Lord, meet us where we are.  Forgive us for not recognizing your goodness.  Thank you for this life.  Thank you for one more chance on this day to walk with you. 



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