As many of you know, I recently started the estate sale business, Revival Vintage LLC, with my friend, Holly Bruns.  We are working our rears off and loving every second of it.  We already have some pretty hilarious stories that I will legally be able to share with you in about ten years. 

This business is a people business.  Estate sales usually revolve around the death of a family member (or two), and no matter how you slice it, it is a difficult, often very sticky situation.  When most people think about death, they think about the loss, the sadness, and the mourning of the loved ones.  What most people don't realize until they are in the middle of it, is just how difficult it is to tie up loose ends.  There is just SO MUCH and SO MANY involved.  Most people gather up enormous amounts of "stuff" in their lifetimes, and aren't willing to purge until they are no longer able to do so.  We cling to the things we've accumulated over our lifetimes as though they will somehow bring us peace through the memories.  Maybe they do (no they don't, call us and we will help you downsize), but the reality is that we can't take it with us. 

I believe that Heaven is a glorious place, full of the grace of a good God and we will someday look back and wonder why in the world we decided to buy those collectibles from the Online Shopping Network, when we could have given that money to improve a life.  To change a story.  To make a difference.  To share the truth of a God who loves recklessly.   

Now I'm not suggesting that you do that, because then there would be no need for me to go into your home after you enter the pearly gates, clean every single item in it, research the price of that priceless antique, turn around and sell it to a store owner on South Congress Ave., who will then turn around, double the price and sell it to your niece who just bought her first home and wants it to be retro.  No, please hoard your items.  You are helping to send my children to college.. 

Now this is my personal blog.  Most people who shop at our sales will never read it, so I am being more candid and honestly, there are certain things that you won't be able to pry out of my hands until the end.  But seriously folks, put meaning in your life.  Get rid of things you don't need.  Instead of three new pairs of shoes, how about one?  Give the money to a child or family who really really needs it. Look around and fill a need instead of that curio cabinet.  A Precious Moments figurine never changed a life, but offering your money to a church or a charity that will do something good with it will.

Ask God to enrich your life with generosity.  Ask him to change your heart.  We really need so little in this life to truly be happy.  I learned that this week after a big fight with my husband.  I don't need much, but I need my little family to be at peace.  That is truly what brings me joy, and yes of course I had to apologize. 

With all of this being said, our next estate sale is a benefit for a little girl in need of a little help.  We decided to host an event in her honor honestly because God lead us to.  One hundred percent of the proceeds are going to help her and we are excited to see what is in store for this baby girl.  Her dad wrote a note about the whole ordeal, and I'd like to share it with you guys.

A Message from the Rushes

Holly and Allison asked us to share a little more about our family, our yard sale, and a little more about Lily (really, everyone who knows her calls her “Lily Bird” or just “The Bird.”  It’s a long story as to how that came about, but when you meet her, I think you’ll agree that the name fits her well.  The Bird came into this world seven years ago this month, and has taught our family more lessons about trusting God that we could have ever imagined. She spent much of that first year in the hospital for a host of challenges and had open-heart surgery before her first birthday. We still remember celebrating that birthday with lots of family and friends – recognizing that we made it through.  Lily developed normally once we crossed that milestone: calling us by name, enjoying story times, and captivating everyone around her.  And then, around age two, she began to regress – losing her ability to talk and largely sinking into her own little world. She hasn’t yet recovered. After years of research and appointments, we believe that Lily has an infection in her brain that is causing neuroinflammation and stalling her development.

Through a series of wonderful answered prayers, we have located a world-renowned Neurologist in New York City who specializes in cases like Lily’s.  We’re grateful to be on the path toward addressing her problems, and we continue to pray that the treatments she is now undergoing will help her be all that she can be. 

This summer, as we began to assess the daunting tasks we have ahead medically speaking, we did what any family would do: we started looking at strategic ways to cover the costs involved with the course of action our doctor has prescribed.  That led to the same place so many people start: the idea of a yard sale to clear out the many things in our home we really don’t need, but might be of value. 

That led to a call to our dear friends Holly and Allison at Revival Vintage with a request for help in pulling off the best sale we could.  And that’s when “this” started – the most humbling, gracious expression we could have imagined.  The yard sale has since then grown into a full-blown estate sale, and so many of you have been invited to be a part of something that was beyond anything we would have asked for or expected.

It’s important for us to emphasize that there are many families with far greater needs than the Rush family.  We have been blessed to have all of our needs provided on every stage of this journey, and we have no doubt He’ll come through again.  If you know of a family with needs, we want you to help that family first.

In the meantime, we want to thank Revival Vintage Austin – and each of you – for turning a simple yard sale into so much more.  Most of all, we see this as an opportunity to thank you for your prayers for Lily – and the incredible kindness and encouragement so many of you have shown.

God is able!


Ryan and Lana Rush

The sale is September 13 and 14 at the Elks Lodge located in downtown Austin, TX, from 10am-4pm.  We are going to have a blast.  For more information, visit our website at .  We hope you will donate and shop with us.  It is going to be a blast! 




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