A Dose of Hope

I sat down to write a really great story about someone I love and my cousin Mary's blog popped up on my internet dashboard.  If you aren't familiar with her blog, it's called "Grasshopper Momma," and she is incredibly awesome.  Mary lost her husband two Christmases ago and I don't mean in the woods.  He died very tragically after a long battle with personal pain from his past.  Pain that God could handle, but he could not.  I do not wish that pain on anyone, and I know it is very real.  Since that time, Mary is left on this planet wrangling their three beautiful children alone.  She faces everyday missing him and so do they.  I love her so much because she is honest about her fight with reality and her constant struggle to realign her brain to focus on The One who really matters.  Our God loves in such a way that gives her hope to face the day after a night of tears.  She's a glass half full kind of person and it gives me hope. 

Here is her latest dose, it is a must read. 



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