I Like Weird People

It's a thing now.  My thing, weirdos.  I like them.  Actually, I'm married to one, but I found out he's not as weird as I thought because there is a number on the Enneagram that fits him perfectly.

Social media makes us conform.  All of the sudden, we all want to be a size 2, wear skinny jeans, boots and those leather shiny earrings.  Ladies, there is nothing wrong with any of these things, but if you don't fit into that category, stop now and say "Thank you Jesus." and then admit you too are a weirdo.  It is a great thing to be odd, to see the world through a different lens.  Maybe you wear camouflage pants to dressy occasions, or possibly you feel awkward most if not all of the time?  I already like you.  Don't even attempt those earrings.

God made you exactly who you are.  He knows you.  He sees you.  He likes weird folks.  Why wouldn't He? We are made in His image and he is all things lovely and good and creative.  He's a holy and beautiful God.  He loves us.  He provided us a way to stand before Him completely imperfectly and have a conversation.  He knew how weird you are before you were born.  He's proud of your profound oddities.  Don't conform and please don't change to fit a tired mold, even if you love the idea of platform crocs (it's a thing).

It is easy to worry about what people think of us.  If they will accept us and bring us into their fold.  I get it.  We are women, and we want to connect.  We long for partners in crime who will grow with us and also commit crimes ( I don't mean serious crimes, just like light mischief, something easily expunged.)

Be yourself, ladies.  If you love science, vampires, hot dogs, crochet or you are addicted to Ted Talks of the Psychiatric genre (me), keep on living your life.  Teach us what you know! Don't pretend you are in a grown up sorority and take on a $1000 a month car payment just so you can drive a Porche. I do want one, but they make no sense with 3 kids.  Be who you are.  Choose you.  We are all sick of the same ol' thing! If you currently drive a Porche, bring it on over and take me for a spin.

(I like this one)

Stop looking around.  Don't compare vehicles until you've been under the hood of the car.  My life is not better than yours.  In fact, I bet it's at least equally difficult and emotionally trying.  Or maybe it is not?  Every single person on this Earth has obstacles.  We grow through hardship when we persevere. We connect through what we learn and it is the beauty of this life.  When we really see each other, it's exciting.  Our frame of mind expands and everything gets more saturated.  Life is colorful and incredible. Oh, you have a collection of sugar packets you've accumulated since 1969 and you'd love to show each of them to me in a very detailed presentation?  Yes please!  What? You collect human bones and you want me to meet you in the basement to see them?  Call me later!  

Dig deep into what gives you joy and makes you different. Take a breath and quiet your mind long enough to focus on what gives you hope and peace.  For me, it's music.  It is a connection with God I deeply long for.  Music changes my mood and brings me back to sanity.  I want to be better at my craft, and the only way to get there is with practice and experience. You aren't too old and it's not too late to begin doing what you love. Start today!

Be kind in your originality.  No one likes mean people.  Grow up, my friend.  If you are always taking things personally, or thinking women are thinking and talking about you specifically, you most likely have an anxiety issue.  Get in line, because me too.  Who doesn't?  Learn the art of conversation.  It's a thing.  Smile more.  Get in touch with your sense of humor.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  You aren't 13 anymore, you have no excuse. If you need professional help, don't be ashamed to get it.  Life is tough and life is short.  You are not the only one struggling and the best thing you will ever do is admit and ask for help. Vulnerable women can be the strongest women.

My favorite people in the world fight really hard to keep their heads above water or they advocate for those who need help.  They fight to do what is right and they ask God for help. Drug addiction, marriage pain, fertility issues, parents of children with special needs, people with special needs, anxiety disorders, gender issues, angry folks, activists, those who've experienced loss, weirdos. You are the best people. Share your experience and find your purpose. We need each other.  God did not create us all to be so vastly different without purpose.  He knew then and He knows now.  You are wonderfully made.  Everything God makes is amazing, including you.

Seek God.  I know this is a tough one for many of you.  I'm not asking you to believe exactly like me or see the Lord as I do.  I am asking you to look for Him.  Don't stop until you find Him.  He is certainly pursuing you constantly (hence you reading this blog).  When this life is over, things will be clear. Until then, I choose to believe in a God I can't see, because my life would be so different without Him, and I know He loves weirdos.  

Neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8:37-39


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